Sapos prototype board and pieces



PO-GO my first published game!



My first game published by Nestor Games, click this link to go to the publisher game page!

Here are the Official Rules!





Sapos was designed in 2012

Sapos (toads in Spanish) is a game for 2 players
15 – 20 minutes play time, for ages 8+

8×8 board
32 pieces in two colors, 16 pieces of one color, and 16 pieces of another color

Player last to move wins.

The game is played on the spaces of an 8×8 board that starts out with 4 pieces of one color placed on the points d2, d3,e2,e3 and 4 pieces of another color are placed on d6,d7,e6,e7. The remaining 24 pieces are held in a player’s respective reserves.

Choose a player to move first and then the second player will move twice only on her first turn, thereafter turns alternate.

Each turn a player must make one or more jumps with one of his pieces.

Each jump must be in an orthogonal direction over one friendly or enemy piece into a vacant space directly after the jumped piece. The jumping piece may change direction between jumps.

An enemy piece is removed from the board immediately after a jump and returned to the owner’s reserve.

You may not add a piece from your reserve if on the same turn you have captured an enemy piece

If no enemy pieces are jumped, a piece from a player’s reserve is placed in a vacant orthogonally adjacent space to the final position of the jumping piece.

End of game
The game ends when a player is unable to take his turn.

In search of the perfect abstract

Welcome everyone to my obsession,  my search for that elusive perfect abstract game!

So I hope you join me in the days, weeks, months and years ahead.

I don’t know if I’ll ever find it, but I bet it’s going to be a fun ride!