Sapos (Toads in Spanish) 

Sapos is played with 32 bi-colored pieces on an 8×8 board with the following setup:

Two players Dark and Light. Each player has 4 pieces on the board and 12 in reserve.

Dark’s 4 pieces are placed on the points d2, d3,e2,e3, and Light’s 4 pieces are placed on d6,d7,e6,e7

Players take turns performing any number of these actions:

  • hop a piece over an ortho-diagonally adjacent friend into an empty square.
  • jump a piece over an orthogonally adjacent enemy into an empty square, capturing the jumped enemy and placing it into your reserve.
  • spawn a piece from your reserve in an empty square ortho-diagonally adjacent to the last hop

There are some rules for the flow of a turn:

  • You will only ever hop and jump with a single piece during your turn.
  • If you have a 2×2 formation of pieces at the start of your turn, you must move with one of those pieces.
  • You can hop and jump multiple times.
  • Once you make a jump you may no longer hop.
  • If you don’t make a jump you must end your turn with a spawn.
  • After Player 2’s first turn she must immediately move again. Neither sequence may contain a jump.

Here are some examples of valid turns:

hop, spawn

hop, hop, hop, spawn


hop, hop, jump, jump

And Player 2’s first turn likely looks like this:

hop, spawn, hop, spawn

If your opponent is unable to finish her next turn, you win by starvation!

This win condition means that if you have 0 in reserve at the start of your turn then you must jump since you otherwise cannot afford to spawn.

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Copyright 2020, Rey Alicea


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