2 players Red and Blue

A hexagonal board made up of triangles. A supply of Red chevrons and Blue chevrons and supply of Red and Blue cubes.

Red moves first. Then turns alternate.

On a turn place a chevron in your color on the board along 2 edges that meet at 120 degrees. A chevron cannot be placed so that it is fully or partially inside of a previously enclosed area.

An area of empty cells encircled by edges of both colors counts for the player with the most edges bordering it. Once an area is encircled it is immediately claimed by placing a cube in a player’s color within the area. This includes areas that are encircled simultaneously for either player.

The game ends when a player is unable to take his turn.

Players count all the triangular cells within their claimed areas.

Open areas (areas not fully encircled) and areas encircled with an equal number of Blue and Red edges are not counted.

The player encircling the greater number of cells is the winner.

BBG entry,

Copyright 2020, Rey Alicea


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