Mata Mosca – WIP

Mata Mosca is my take on asymmetric games like Wolf and Sheep or Fox and Geese. And it is also, reminiscent of Leopard Games.

The game is played on a board like the one above.

16 Bi-color tokens. The black sides are (flies) and the white sides are (cocooned flies). The one red token is the spider.

2 players. One player is the Spider the other player the Flies.

The Flies move first. Play then alternates.

1) Flies move along the blue spots. Flies can move 1 to 2 steps per turn. Flies can also hop over other flies landing on an empty blue spot, this would count as 2 steps.

2) The Spider moves along the red spots. The Spider can only move one spot per turn. The Spider can capture an adjacent fly by jumping over it and then flipping the fly to its white side (cocooned side). Captures are not compulsory.

3) Cocooned flies don’t move for the rest of the game and block the Spider and the Flies from moving over them.

4) The Spider is also forbidden to move to a spot that is surrounded by any combination of flies, cocoons and the edge of the board.

5) Flies win by surrounding the Spider with any combination of flies, cocoons, and the edge of the board or if the Spider is cut off from the remaining Flies.

6) The Spider wins if he captures 8 flies.

Note:  The inspiration for MM comes from this…

It is called the Wang-Hazzard commutativity graph and it captures the microscopic detail of the mathematical functions physicists typically use to describe energy in quantum systems, reducing the calculation of quantum speed limits to an equation with just two inputs.

Copyright 2020, Rey Alicea


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