Ant Trails

Ages 10+

Two players, one plays with the red ant tiles and the other with the black ant tiles.

A hex board having 6 hexes to a side and supply of ant tiles black and red. 12 food bonus tiles in the following denominations, 4 that are worth 3 points each, 4 that are worth 2 points each, 4 that are worth 1 point each.

The board is placed between the two players. Next, the 12 bonus tiles are shuffled and placed randomly face down on nonadjacent cells of the board (with the exception of border cells).

Once all the bonus tiles have been placed flip them over. The ant tiles are placed at the reach of both players.

Black moves first. Turns then alternate.

A turn consists of a player placing 2 ants in his color on the board and moving food bonus tiles along friendly ant trails.

Placing an ant tile
1) Place a friendly ant on a border cell or else
2) Place a friendly ant adjacent to exactly one other friendly ant or
3) Join the ends of two friendly ant trails by placing an ant between the ants at their ends or
4) Place an ant to join both ends of a friendly ant trail into a loop. Loops cannot be extended.

Ants are always placed on empty spaces. And they may be next to ants of the other color.

An ant may have a friendly ant in front of it and one behind it, but no more than that: ant trails don’t branch.

Food bonus tiles
When an ant is adjacent to a bonus tile you have the option of picking it up and placing it on top of the adjacent ant tile.

Scoring bonus tiles
In order to score bonus tiles, the moving player must move bonus tiles one step per turn from the top of one ant to the next along the trail until it reaches the last ant at a border cell. Any number of bonus tiles along any number of trails during a turn can be claimed in this manner.

Once a bonus tile reaches the last ant of the trail it is taken and kept for endgame scoring.

A player unable to take his turn passes. If both players pass in turn the game ends.

Bonus tiles that are not taken before the game ends are not scored.

Players count the ants in their longest trail and add up any bonus tiles that they have.

The player with the highest score wins.

Copyright 2020, Rey Alicea


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