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Overview and goal:

Radius is a game for two players played on the cells of a hexagonal board. You will need 2 pawns in blue and 2 in orange and a supply of blue and orange stones.

The goal is to end up owning a greater number of connected stones when there are no moves left.


The board starts out empty. One player plays with the blue pieces the other with the orange. Players in turn place a pawn on an empty cell until all 4 pawns are on the board.

Decide who goes first, turns then alternate.


A pawn must move (n) steps in a straight line such that it ends up at an empty cell with at least (n) cells immediately adjacent to it that are either empty or occupied by enemy stones (note that pawns are not stones). At least one of these must be empty. Then you must place a stone on (n) of these cells, with the restriction that at least one of the stones must be placed on an empty cell. If you place it on a cell with an enemy stone, that stone is removed first. The only thing that obstructs pawn movement is other pawns and the edge of the board.

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